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Vlogging Tech Essentials for Beginners

Vlogging has become more and more popular each day, thanks to the rise of the popularity of Youtube. When you want to get into that action by making vlogs of your own and becoming a vlogger, then you will need some tech gear for vlogging. Here are some vlogging tech essentials for beginners:

Camera Gear

camera gear

The number one thing that is essential for you to have when you want to take on the pursuit of making a vlog is a camera that can record videos. The main idea behind vlogging is video blogging. It is to make posts and updates that you can share with the world in the form of a video. And in order to do that, you need a camera that can record a video.

When you are just a beginner who have only started to begin making videos to vlog, then you wouldn’t need any expensive camera or gear. You can even use the camera of your smartphone or a point and shoot camera. All you need to do first is to get yourself out there.

When you want to buy cameras and gears, it is best that you choose one that can record in 4K and has a good depth of field. It is good to have lenses that can achieve your desired bokeh, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and so on.

Computer and Software

Another vlogging essential that you will need if you want to vlog is a computer and editing software. You can purchase any kind of personal computer that suits you. You can use your desktop computer, your nettop, your notebook, your netbook, or your laptop. However, when you need a high-performance computer for editing videos for your vlog, it is best for you to purchase Mac Computers. They have been designed to best operate to edit digital media and graphics.

When talking about software, you will need a good sound editing software and, most importantly, a good video editing software. You can choose any software you like. However, you need to take your needs into consideration. Other than that, you only need an account on your preferred hosting platform and a speedy internet connection, and you are good to go.

Sound, Lighting, and Support


Sound, lighting, and support are some essentials that you need to make your vlogs look professional and polished. They are not quite necessary when you are just a beginner and when you are first starting off. However, they can be useful tools to make your vlogs look even better.

Regarding sound, you will need a good microphone to connect to your camera. You will also need a good sound diffuser to diffuse the noise from the surroundings.¬†When it comes to lighting, you most likely need it when you are shooting indoors. Any lighting will do as long as you get the brightness you desire.¬†Camera support is actually very handy and it is very useful when you want still shots, especially if you are doing a travel vlog. You can carry a portable GorillaPod or you can simply use a tripod to support your camera.…

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Must Have Gadgets When Traveling

In this digital age, technology is present in everything we do. When you are on vacation or when you are traveling, it is probably one of the times when you might need it most. Here are some tech gadgets that you must have and you must bring when traveling:




Cameras are an important thing that you need to take with you on your travels to capture moments. If you don’t have a picture of you there, have you actually even been there? The purpose of the camera is simple. To take pictures that you can show off to people and that you can reminisce over.

Plus, you can also record videos with your camera. You can use it as a vlogging tool to videotape your journey and your travels so that you can share it with the world. If you have photography and videography skills, you can also make a little money from your travels by selling your pictures and videos that you have captured along the way.


The most crucial and vital thing that you must have and you must bring when you go traveling is your phone. The smartphone is the handiest and most useful thing that you have to bring along on your traveling journeys.

The good thing about smartphones is that it is an all in one gadget. You can use it for communication purposes, for taking pictures, for tracking purposes, for finding directions, and so much more.

Earphones, Headphones, and Speakers


When you are traveling, it is a good thing to be accompanied by music wherever you go. You can groove to your own music by having earphones and headphones with you wherever you go. You can select noise-canceling headphones so that you don’t have to be bothered by the disturbance and the noise around you. It is also a good way to avoid conversations with strangers and people you don’t want to talk to.

When you are at the beach or when you are chilling at a place, it is also good to have music and to share music. Therefore, you should carry around a speaker with you. It is best to choose portable speakers that fit inside your bag so that it won’t be heavy to carry around.


Another crucial thing that you need to take along with you when you are traveling the world is your trusted power bank. You need a portable charger that you can carry around in case of an emergency. By emergency, we mean the lack of battery power of your digital devices. Power banks are very useful to recharge your smartphones when you need it most.…

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