The Evolution of Cell Phones

One of the best technological advances that have been created is the cell phone. This device is practically one of the most used technological device in the world. If you are curious about the cell phone, then you need to know about its evolution.

The Past

old phonesThe first trace in the history of the cell phone is a device called radio common carrier or the RCC. Its main function is to transmit voice messages through a system called push-to-talk. Even though it is portable, it is quite heavy to carry around wherever you travel.

Next, come the brick phone and the clamshell. These two devices were state of the art in their prime. They are quite costly when they first came out, ranging in the thousands of dollars. Cell phones in this age were made to do more than just communicating via messages. They had LED screens with menu options and a twelve-button keypad. They were made truly portable with a size that is as big as a brick.

And then there were satellite phones, the candy bar, Nokia, and then along came flip phones. Flip phones were huge in the 90s. Everyone, including celebrities, had them. Nokia, on the other hand, was a force not to be reckoned with during their prime because of their 6000 series. When Blackberry came into play, they introduced a new feature to phones, which is instant messaging. After that T-Mobile sidekick won the hearts of celebrities and everyone they influence with their SMS-friendly design.

There has been several trials and errors when it comes to touchscreen cell phones. However, when Apple introduced iPhones and branded it a smartphone, it revolutionized the cell phone industry.

The Present


In the present day, people use a more app-enabled cell phone that is now more established as being called a smartphone. Smartphones took over the cell phone market after the iPhone was released by Apple. After that, Google made an open sourced operating system called Android. That made manufacturers like HTC, LG, Samsung, and others to produce devices that work around the system.

Microsoft also tried to get in on the action by partnering up with Nokia to make a Windows phone. However, the top smartphones today are notably the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy series. Google has also made a mark by making Google Pixel phones that are high-quality smartphones that rank up with iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

When looking at cell phones today, you can see that it is a versatile thing with many features. A smartphone can be summed up as a camera, a computer, a calculator, a PDA, a messaging device, and a phone that is packed into a portable mobile device.

The Future


We can see that cell phone manufacturing companies always try to innovate and one-up one another in phone design and features. Each year the cameras are getting better, the phones are getting thinner, digital assistants are getting smarter, the graphics are getting greater, and the processors are getting more powerful.

Battery life is now a big topic of conversation in the cell phone industry that we hope will get better in the future. Phones are also getting more resistant to their environment since the launch of waterproof and dustproof phones.